The Messaging Lab with Eleanor Beaton

We combine journalism methods, marketing acumen and leadership strategy to help you impact the world. 

“I wanted to scale to a 7- to 8-figure business. The way I introduce myself and my company is because of Eleanor’s help with my Million Dollar Message. I’ve more than doubled my income and I’m positioned to scale."

Kim Chernecki CEO & Founder of Freedom Street Inc Leading Corporate Supply Chain Expert

A smart woman with a compelling message has the power to change the world. From courageous Nobel prize-winners such as Malala Yousafzi, to preeminent entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and legendary authors like Dr. Brené Brown, the world is filled with examples of powerful women leaders who have used their message to: 

  • Communicate with power, confidence and conviction
  • Disrupt the status quo
  • Inspire transformational global change
  • Build massive wealth and influence

Your message has the power to drive meaningful change, shape global conversations and amass significant wealth…provided you can articulate it clearly.

That’s where we come in.

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When you’re unclear on your message, your business and leadership are in a state of partial paralysis. You hold back from unleashing the full force of your energy on the market because you rightfully believe “there’s something important missing.” In desperation, you turn to the internet and download endless worksheets that invite you to “list 3 qualities of your ideal client avatar” but bring you no closer to a powerful and differentiated message. Maybe you enrol in a course or workshop that teaches you how to find your message…but you don’t have the time or patience to effectively implement what you’ve learned. And let’s face it…if you knew how to create your message, you’d have done it already. So you hold back, play small, and dwell in that humbling and crowded place known as the Land of Insignificance. It doesn’t have to be this way.  

Headshot of Amanda Freick, Founder and CEO of AmandaLouise LLC

I signed up for The Messaging Lab because I was dealing with a deep internal struggle: I was holding down a fantastic job in the corporate world while building two successful businesses in my spare time. I knew I had a lot of value to bring, but I needed to frame up what I was offering into a succinct message.

The Messaging Lab was powerful. From working with Eleanor before, I knew she would be able to spin everything into one cohesive vision -- but I didn't realize it would be so epic.  

Eleanor has a no BS approach and knows the exact right questions to ask. I had been praying for clarity for so long, and she just pulled it right out of me. I wasn’t ready for exactly how clear we were going to get. She not only taught me me how to frame up my personal value and what I bring to the table, but she also helped me create an outline for how to deliver it.  

I left the call feeling very motivated and super excited. I had been following a compass in an ambiguous direction, but now I was on a clear path.  

Before The Messaging Lab, I had struggled big time with imposter syndrome. Working with Eleanor gave me a really big boost of confidence to put myself out there. I had landed a couple of speaking opportunities right before I worked with her and now I have the insights I need to leverage those opportunities effectively.  

I am now ready to bypass the doubts and second-guessing and put myself and my message out there.

Amanda Freick, Founder & CEO of AmandaLouise LLC

I have a diverse array of interests and a resume that highlights senior management and board experience in multiple industry sectors. I was chasing a lot of shiny objects. By working with Eleanor, I galvanized my message by creating my signature story which ultimately revealed my passion and calling. I received a tangible, results proven blueprint on where and how to deliver this message.  

I attended a conference two weeks after solidifying my message. After introducing myself to one of my table mates, he remarked to me that I had just delivered one of the best elevator pitches he’d heard. A true testimonial to the power of the story. Working with Eleanor is priceless. All you have to do is commit to the work and the gold nuggets are there for the taking.

Hanne Madsen Independent Board Chair & Director at BC Trucking Association

I wanted to get more strategic on my marketing and message. My initial training as a social worker taught me to be a generalist -- I could meet ­whatever came through the door, and while this helped me build a high level of expertise it’s not the most effective marketing strategy. One of the things I admire about Eleanor is her level of integrity and her readiness to meet you where you are. She has a great way of putting a lot of valuable information into a fairly short time span and her ability to transmit knowledge and wisdom is exceptional. I came away from the experience with a much better understanding of where I am in my business and where I need to go. I learned how to better market my service-based business, identify and educate my ideal client, and clearly articulate the benefits of my work. Angela Croft Registered Therapist and Certified Life Coach, The Social Work Consulting Group

Introducing The Messaging Lab

Unleash a powerful, intelligent, game-changing message that inspires commitment, disrupts the status quo and magnetizes money.

The Messaging Lab is a boutique consulting service where we work with you to provide the core messaging ingredients you need but have been struggling to create on your own.

In order to bring a powerful message to the world and take your business to new heights, there are 6 core elements every woman entrepreneur needs. When these 6 core elements are in place, you are able to:

  • Communicate with poise and power at a moment’s notice – on an unexpected sales call, in a media interview, or a business meeting. 
  • Consistently drive results with your marketing because your message and market position clearly articulate the value you bring.
  • Stand out and unleash your star power in public: at a talk, a networking event, in a blog or on social media.

Here are the 6 core message elements that we’ll work with you to create:

  • Your Positioning Statement and Core Marketing Message
  • Your Expert Bio
  • Your Signature Talk Outline
  • Your Comprehensive Speaker Kit
  • Your Comprehensive Podcast Guest and Media Kit
  • Your Discussion Paper Outline 
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Quenby Rubin-Sprague, The Messaging Lab, Eleanor Beaton, Health Care Corporate Coaching Specialist

The Messaging Lab was very experiential. I was impressed by how much Eleanor and I covered in a very short period of time. Eleanor helped me create aspects of my messaging that I didn’t even realize I needed.  

I was surprised by Eleanor’s ability to take what I was saying and coalesce it into powerful talking points, despite the fact that she has no experience in my industry. She was able to ask the right questions and clearly understood exactly what I needed. 

I knew I had made a good decision before the call even started, but after Eleanor helped me craft my key messaging, develop a synopsis for a talk, and build a matrix for my business, I knew I had made a truly transformational decision.  

Working with Eleanor also demonstrated to me that, yes, there are people out there who can write in my voice. I feel more empowered to find and work with copywriters that can match my style and brand.  

I now have the insights I need to communicate what I do in a succinct yet potent and passionate message that will be meaningful to my ideal clients.

Quenby Rubin-Sprague, M.H.R.O.D., R.D.N. Health Care Corporate Coaching Specialist

"Eleanor helped me understand the problems I was having with my message. I discovered the position I needed to take in my marketplace so I could laser-focus my message to my ideal clients. 

I felt validated by Eleanor’s teachings. Things I had been stressing about for years have now fallen into place. I was tormented by my elevator pitch and my mission, but by shifting my perspective, they now feel logical and normal to me."  

Aneta Savova Women’s Leadership Strategist Uspeshni Jeni Ltd.

"I came away from my time with Eleanor with a deeper understanding of effective marketing messages, a ‘bold’ opinion to help me solidify my message, strategies for my business --and more.  

Eleanor always inspires me and she is an exceptional role model for women in business." 

Dr Niki Giatras Chartered Psychologist & Director Square Mile Wellbeing LTD  

How It Works

Step 1: Research

Once you’ve registered for The Messaging Lab, we’ll ask you to complete a brief questionnaire about your business, clientele, strategic goals and mission. It’s painless and will require 20 minutes of your time. Once you’ve completed this questionnaire, our team will get to work researching your business and industry.

Step 2: Deep Dive #1

Next, you’ll have a 30 minute consult with a Messaging Lab Content Creator where we will guide you through a series of interview questions designed to provide us with the background material we need to begin helping co-create your messaging. 

Step 3: Deep Dive #2

Eleanor Beaton will carefully review the consultation and information you’ve provided and will then conduct a 2-hour recorded Messaging Creation session with you where together with Eleanor Beaton you’ll flesh out the main aspects of your messaging, positioning and business strategy. You will leave this session with the core pillars of your messaging in place. 

Step 4: Message Creation

Eleanor Beaton and the Messaging Lab team will work together to create a draft of your Messaging Lab elements:

  • Your Positioning Statement and Core Marketing Message
  • Your Expert Bio
  • Your Signature Talk Outline
  • Your Comprehensive Speaker Kit 
  • Your Comprehensive Podcast Guest and Media Kit 
  • Your Discussion Paper Outline  

We’ll give you 5 days to review the messaging, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and run any revisions you’d like to make by us for clarification.

Step 5: Wrap Up

You’ll have a one-hour call with Eleanor Beaton and/or The Messaging Lab team to answer questions and talk through your strategy for bringing your message to the world. 

Please read this very carefully prior to registering:

  • The Messaging Lab is NOT an online course or workshop. We work side by side with you to co-create a powerful message you can then take to the market.
  • The Messaging Lab has been carefully designed for women entrepreneurs who are clear on who they are, what they want and what they stand for.  
  • The Messaging Lab works best for women entrepreneurs who are generating a minimum of $100K in annual revenues. If you are not at this revenue level but feel attracted to this service, please contact us first for a free consult. We will only serve the women entrepreneurs we are best positioned to support.
  • Your message is a precious and highly valuable asset. As such we know that your decision to invest your trust and money in us to co-create your message is superbly well-placed. Therefore, here’s our brazen refund policy. If, at the conclusion of your Messaging Lab Session with Eleanor, you are not satisfied with the messaging we have co-created, we will refund you 100% of your investment and we’ll wish you the absolute best. You keep the valuable insight you’ve gained from the process free of charge.
  • If you have questions about The Messaging Lab and would like to speak to a member of our team, please email or call/text 902-791-0796.
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"Eleanor delivers practical, on the ground learning that makes a quantifiable impact. By implementing Eleanor’s teachings, I have doubled my social media followers, tripled my mailing list and am on track to increase revenues by 2.5-3 times by year end."  

Anu Bidani, Founder and CEO, STEM MINDS Corp.

"I had been working on my business for 10 months, and I was going in 10 different directions. With Eleanor’s highly personalized support, my focus is now spot on. I was able to make a plan AND execute on it. Since working with Eleanor, I’ve made more progress in two months than I did in the last 3-4 years."

Cheryl Thompson Founder, the Centre for Automotive Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement (CADIA)

About Eleanor Beaton

Eleanor Beaton is an internationally-recognized expert in women’s leadership, and an advisor to growth-oriented women entrepreneurs. She has served as chair of the Visiting Women’s Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management and sits on the board of directors of two Canadian venture capital organizations. She’s been recognized by the Corporate Excellence Awards as Canada’s Leadership Coach of the Year, and was named by entrepreneurial guru for women Ali Brown as “one of the foremost women’s leadership experts in North America.” Eleanor has served as a messaging consultant to outstanding women leaders including former Canadian First Lady Margaret Trudeau, Dragon’s Den star Arlene Dickinson, and the co-creators of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin. A former journalist reporting for the CBC, Globe and Mail and Canadian Business, Eleanor was a finalist for a National Business Book of the Year, Canada’s top business book honour, and has won national prizes for her journalistic work covering key issues related to women in leadership. Eleanor has spoken internationally at events whose rosters include notables such as the former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She lives in Eastern Canada with her husband and two sons.