Many women entrepreneurs struggle to explain what they do, so we created a framework to help them clarify their message, create amazing marketing material and grow their business.

The Confused Mind Always Says NO.

When you’re unclear on your message, your business sinks into a state of partial paralysis.  

Prospects are confused about what you do.

Sales suffer and revenue plateaus.

Your business stagnates.

In desperation, you turn to the internet and download endless worksheets that invite you to “list 3 qualities of your ideal client avatar” but bring you no closer to a powerful and differentiated message.  

Maybe you enrol in a course or workshop that teaches you how to find your message…but you don’t have the time or patience to effectively implement what you’ve learned. 

And let’s face it…if you knew how to create your message, you’d have done it already.   

So you hold back, play small, and blend into The Noise.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Introducing The Messaging Lab

Unleash a powerful, intelligent, game-changing message that inspires commitment, disrupts the status quo and magnetizes money.

The Messaging Lab is a boutique consulting service where we work with you to provide the core messaging ingredients you need but have been struggling to create on your own.

In order to bring a powerful message to the world and take your business to new heights, there are 6 core elements every woman entrepreneur needs. When these 6 core elements are in place, you are able to:

  • Clearly explain what you do. 
  • Create amazing marketing material that actually works.
  • Build your audience.
  • Close sales faster.
  • Grow your business.

There are THOUSANDS of clients who NEED YOU and are WILLING TO BUY…but they don’t understand how you help. Don’t allow another day to go by without a clear message.

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Our Brazen Refund Policy:

Your message is a precious and highly valuable asset. As such we know that your decision to invest your trust and money in us to co-create your message is superbly well-placed. Therefore, here’s our brazen refund policy. If, at the conclusion of your first Messaging Lab call with Eleanor, you have completed the requirements and are not satisfied with the messaging we have co-created, we will refund you 100% of your investment and we’ll wish you the absolute best. You simply have to request your money back within 30 minutes AFTER the end of Call #1. You keep the valuable insight you’ve gained from the process free of charge. Simply make the request in writing to before the deadline and your money will be returned. No questions asked.

When You Complete The Messaging Lab, you will have:

What You Get Inside The Messaging Lab:

  • The Messaging Lab Assessment & Marketing Review (Value: $1000)
  • The Million Dollar Message Solution Masterclass (Value: $500)
  • 2 x Private Coaching Calls with a Messaging Lab Coach. (Value: $1500)
  • Your Custom Messaging Lab Brand Book (Value: $1000)
  • Messaging Lab Implementation Tools (Value: $2000)
  • 2 x 2-Hour Micro-Group Messaging Lab Consult Calls with Eleanor Beaton (Value: $7500)
  • E-coaching inside Messaging Lab Private Forum (Value: $1000)

We promise to keep your information safe. Read our privacy policy here.

"It took me less than a week to make back my investment in The Messaging Lab."

Shortly after graduating from the program, I gave a dinner talk to a group of women. I used my new messaging and every woman in the room was ready to leap out of their chairs and sign up before I was even finished speaking. I made 10K in strategy sessions from that talk -- more than I had produced by myself in months.    

Dr. Alex Ridley DC, CACCP, WHC 
The Selfless Syndrome Authority

"Rapidly accelerated our revenues by cutting sales times from months to days."

As a result of investing in The Messaging Lab, our confidence has skyrocketed and our sales calls are going better and better. We’ve gone from weeks or months to days between when we have an initial conversation and the time that we’re actually presenting a proposal.

Jennifer Turner & Alice Chandrasekaran
Founders of Digital Magenta Inc

"Immediately saw $40,000 in savings"  

As a result of my powerful new messaging, I immediately saw $40,000 in savings. At the same time, I was able to double my productivity while reducing my workload by 25%.

Angela (Rocco) Kurlich 
Princess of Protection at Angle Insurance Solutions LLC

"Brought a wealth of new leads into my business after just one talk."

Shortly after graduating from The Messaging Lab I landed an opportunity to speak in front of a large audience of 400-500 accountants, CFOs and financial controllers. I used my new messaging and the feedback was tremendous. I cultivated a lot of new leads and attracted interest from multiple organizations.

Keshelle Davis
Founder and CEO of The Training Authority

We promise to keep your information safe. Read our privacy policy here.

About Eleanor

Eleanor Beaton is an award-winning entrepreneur, podcast host, keynote speaker and women's leadership development mentor. She has served as Chair of the Visiting Women's Executive Exchange Program at the Yale School of Management. In 2017, she won the prestigious Profiles in Diversity "Women Worth Watching" Award for her work promoting diversity and inclusion. Eleanor joins previous recipients of this award including General Motors' CEO Mary Barra, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns, advocate Geena Davis and other women from diverse industries driving meaningful change in parity and gender equality. She was named Canada's Leadership Coach of the Year in the 2017 Corporate Excellence Awards, writes a column on women and leadership for, and is a 2018 winner of the NSBI Export Achievement Award. Eleanor has been privileged to serve some of the country's most recognized women leaders, including Arlene Dickinson, star of CBC's hit show Dragon's Den and former Canadian First Lady Margaret Trudeau. In 2017 she was a finalist for one of Canada's most prestigious literary awards, the National Business Book Award, for her collaboration with former Home Depot Canada CEO Annette Verschuren on Bet On Me: A Guide to Succeeding in Business and in Life. She was a 2017 finalist for a National Magazine Award for her column on women's leadership, The XX Factor.

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